Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Introduction

My name is Robin.  I am engaged to an amazing, talented and wonderful man named Jason.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April of 2010.  Doctors were able to perform the Whipple procedure and remove the tumor (and most of his pancreas and a lot of his internal organs) and he was on a rigorous chemo and radiation schedule for a while. He's been doing fairly well so far, aside from (somehow) having pancreatitis every few months. I won't go into too much detail, as you can read Jason's entire story via the link above. It's pretty interesting. Did I mention that Jason is only 26 years old?

This website was created in honor of Jason, with hopes to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. Given that the current month is October and everything is awash with pink, I thought maybe November - which happens to be Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, could maybe get some recognition too.

I'm hoping to make a bunch of purple ribbon pins to give out to anyone who will take them, along with a little pancreatic cancer fact card and a link to this website, as well as post flyers around my college. Maybe this will help get a visitor or two to come here - and hope that word gets out everywhere.

There are some "buttons" on the right that you can copy and paste the code below, to link back here.

Please take a moment to visit all the pages here - and even the offsite links as well.  I hope to post more articles from news sources, survivors and anything else pancreatic cancer related. If you have a survivor story, a memorial or anything you think would be relevant to this site - or just questions, please e-mail me at

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