Monday, October 31, 2011

Contacting the Media

Print me!
Last week (and part of this morning) I wrote to several of the local news outlets: WHNT, WAFF, and The Huntsville Times.  I asked if they could somehow find a way to incorporate any form of support for pancreatic cancer awareness into their programming, advertising, websites or whatever method they found suitable.

We'll see what happens. I also asked (and possibly encourage) the Huntsville Times to shine a purple light on their building in November, since they're currently shining a pink light on it. 

I would love to see little purple ribbons all over the place. World-recognized websites (I'm talking to you, Google) news websites, wherever! Even Ebay and Target had pink ribbons on their websites. They'll be my next to contact.

Tomorrow, I am bringing purple ribbon cupcakes to work/school (I'll share pictures, of course) along with a plethora of handmade purple ribbon pins and "fact cards" to hand out to anyone who will take them.  I gave one of my pins a test drive and someone would always ask me "What's the purple ribbon for?" and I was so glad (and a little sad, of course) to tell them. For about $5 at the craft store, I was able to get 2 rolls of purple ribbon and 2 packages of adhesive pin-backs. I have been able to make about 100 ribbons so far, so that's at least 100 people to whom I can hopefully spread the word.

I urge anyone who reads this to contact their local news outlets - or anyone else they can think of - to help raise pancreatic cancer awareness and make November purple!


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