Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Am A Liver & More resources!

I was doing my usual google news search, when I came across the blog "I Am A Liver."  The blog is written by a 26 year old girl named Lindsey, who is also in the pancreatic cancer battle.  Her story is very similar to Jason's and I just had to give her a shout out.
The main reason her blog showed up in my search, is because of a video she posted asking Joseph Gordon-Levitt out on a date. I hope he says yes! & I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this gal's blog.

In other news, I have a couple more cancer related resource websites to add to my sidebar, but I'll link them right now as well. - a website for young adults diagnosed with cancer

Cancer and Careers - job resources and information for cancer patients

Jason and I had our interview this morning. They said it should air in a week or so, but they'll let us know for sure. Eek!

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