Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I got a call at 9 this morning from Ms. Bobby Shuttleworth. She told us our interview will be airing on WAFF at 4pm this afternoon. So, if you're coming here because you saw our interview - hello & thank you for visiting!  I hope you'll find this site informative. Please feel free to leave us a message on the guestbook page to let us know you were here :)

In other news, Jason and I are preparing for Thanksgiving with his family.  He gets so excited around this time of year. He was already playing Christmas music in October! For tomorrow, I'll be baking Jason's new favorite thing: homemade sugar cookies, using this recipe. (This isn't part of the recipe, but be sure to add a pinch of salt, it makes a huge difference.)

In closing, I'd like to take this time to say that I'm so very thankful for Jason, his wonderful doctors at CCI and all our friends and family. Also, we're very thankful for everyone who helps spread the word about pancreatic cancer!

We wish all of you a happy, healthy, safe and joyous holiday - and be sure to count your blessings!

PS We'll post the interview once it's available :)

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