Friday, January 6, 2012

Young Adult Cancer Survivors - FREE Employment Challenged and Concerns Webinar

If you, or someone you know, has/had cancer and is having trouble navigating the waters of the job market, I encourage "attending" the free Employment Challenges and Concerns webinar (which is a seminar, that you watch online) on January 26 at 4:00PM EST.

Here's a little bit of info from the invite page:
" The SAMFund is proud to be partnering with Cancer and Careers for Young Adult Cancer Survivors: Employment Challenges and Concerns. In this presentation, Rebecca Nellis, Director of Programs, will address some of the most common employment concerns and challenges for young adults with a history of cancer in the workforce. What do I do about the gap on my résumé from when I was in treatment? Do I tell my prospective or current employer about my cancer history? What if I need time off for doctor’s appointments, fatigue, or other cancer-related issues? How might what I say or do online impact my current or future employment options?"

You can RSVP by visiting this link. 

Jason is actively looking for jobs and sending out resumes, so I'm sure this webinar's info will be helpful for him - and hopefully a lot of other people as well!

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