Monday, June 18, 2012

Making (Purple) Strides for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Purple Stride Walker
Interested in publicly showing your support for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness? Your town might be involved in the Purple Stride Program - which is like Relay for Life, but specifically centered around Pancreatic Cancer.

If your town is not on the list, I'm sure if you (and enough other people) asked, something could be arranged. Also, your local government might let you hold your own "purp' walk" (yes, I just made that up! Since I imagine the words Purple Stride are copywritten.) It wouldn't hurt to ask!

Here in Alabama, our closest Purple Stride is in Birmingham and takes place in February. I should try to get one started here up north (and during a warmer month. Brr!)

Also, I will be contacting local media (newspapers, TV stations, etc) early this year - in order to give them plenty of time to make room for Pancreatic Cancer coverage come November. I urge you to do the same! Please feel free to share the Pancreatic Cancer Facts Page as a good starting point. (That's what I did for this quickly put together news article.)

And, in small-word related news, while trying to search for the article I just linked, I came across this one.  Apparently, the former president of the college I attend, died from pancreatic cancer. Even more reason for the school to help me get the word out. Wow!

Also #2, I will be making more purple ribbon pins and stickers.  Coming soon: you will be able to make a small donation (mostly to cover postage) and I will send you purple stickers or ribbons, depending on your choice. Neat, huh? 

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