Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And now, for something completely different.

Back in June, my mom called me at 6:15AM to let me know my younger (yet taller) sister had just had a seizure and was on her way to the ER.  Jason and I drove to see her and give her moral support - and chicken mini biscuits.  She was basically "normal" aside from a bitten tongue and some confusion. Since then, she's had a few Dr. appointments and brain scans and was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.  She's taking meds and hasn't had any incidents or seizures since. She's also  recently moved to the same city as me, and we have adventures on a near-daily basis. Anyway...

Why am I writing about Epilepsy?  Good question! While doing some research about my sister's new passenger (that's a Dexter reference) I noticed that the awareness ribbon color and support month for epilepsy are the same as pancreatic cancer's - purple and November. Small world!  If possible, I'm going to fashion myself a pancreatic cancer / epilepsy awareness pin in honor of Jason and my sister.

Speaking of which, I hope to begin the ribbon creating process soon and will think of a handy way to get these out to any of you readers who want one - probably a "donation" to cover postage would suffice. Check back soon!

I will have a pancreatic cancer related post up soon, but I wanted to take a minute to put the spotlight on my sister for a brief moment. I love you, Jeeves!*
Jeeves and I during the "Robin/Jason engagement / Mother's day photo shoot"

*That's not her real name :)

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