Friday, October 12, 2012

Teen Prompts Color Change of Fountain For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Not the fountain in the article, but still pretty - right? 
I was so very excited when I saw this headline today:

"Teen prompts color change at Levin Furniture fountain to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer"

From this article...

"The fountain is dyed pink each October to raise awareness for breast cancer and is shut down in November for the winter months.

But a letter from Monroeville resident Logan Robinson, 13, spurned a change of policy this year.

In the letter, Robinson explained that while she supports breast cancer awareness, it would be nice if the store also recognizes other diseases, such as pancreatic cancer, which killed her father 11 years ago.
…when people ask how (my dad) died, I tell them, and they have no idea what it is,” wrote Robinson.

Robert Levin, owner, and Levin management responded with a change of policy, saying the fountain will by dyed purple and remain open throughout November. Robinson will add the dye herself at a ceremony Nov. 1."

This brings to mind some local landmarks, such as Huntsville's Saturn V rocket.  It's currently being illuminated with pink lights for breast cancer awareness and I have every intention of writing to ask that they illuminate it with purple for pancreatic cancer awareness.  I'm not sure if we have any fountains that are dyed pink, but if I see any - I will be asking them as well. So, big kudos to Logan for being a pancreatic cancer awareness warrior! Every little thing helps - and I'm 100% sure that people will be asking "Well why is this fountain purple?" and how great it will be to finally have a way to she some more light on this disease and make more people aware of it.

All that said, I - again - encourage anyone reading this to do similar things for November. Have a local prominent landmark that's lit up pink for October? Ask them to light it up purple for November! Print out flyers (I have some made up already for you, if you like, under the flyer tab) and hang them in your favorite coffee shop, library, anywhere that will let you - anything you can do to spread the word.

Also! I'm waiting for a 100 yard roll of purple ribbon to arrive - and once it does - I will embark on the task of creating the pancreatic cancer awareness ribbons.  I will be giving most of them out locally, and also sending a few out abroad.  However, if you're interested in a ribbon for yourself - or several, let me know and I'd be happy to help arrange something.

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