Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month!

Break out your favorite purple gear, it's time to spread the word about pancreatic cancer.

I'll be posting flyers and handing out ribbons at UAH today - and all throughout November. I'll also be visiting local businesses and doing the same!

Do be sure to visit the "Join the Fight" page. You can get tons of ideas for ways to help spread pancreatic cancer awareness.

Looking for a super quick way to help? Ok! Here's the flyer I've printed for posting, feel free to download it and print it out yourself, or download it and save it to a disk/drive and get it printed locally/professionally for displaying wherever you have permission! (Notice that permission part.) 

Also, if you're interested, if you do print and post any flyers - or do anything Pancreatic Cancer Awareness related somewhere and photograph it - I'd love to see it! You can share your photos on the Purple Petition facebook page, or e-mail them to 

Thanks so much for stopping by - and here's to a great and fruitful November! Go Purple!

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