What is the Purple Petition?

Every October, everyone breaks out their finest pink paraphernalia.  You can see it everywhere, from storefronts to football player's shoes. Everyone shows their support by wearing, and even consuming, pink related items.  While some of it can seem like it's a bit overboard (sometimes referred to as "pinkwashing") it's all in the name of awareness. You've got to do what you've got to do!

Quick fact: the original color of the breast cancer ribbon was peach. Read more about that here.

My husband, Jason, has pancreatic cancer that was, hopefully, completely removed via the Whipple procedure. In order to get the word out about Jason and to help raise money for a trip to Johns Hopkins, in hopes of participating in a clinical trial for a pancreatic cancer vaccine, I created an online shop.  At the time, I was only thinking about Jason and our immediate need to get the heck up to Johns Hopkins. After the trial fell through (they were worried about pancreatitis, which Jason is prone to), we just focused on keeping him out of the ER from pancreatitis and watching his CT Scans and bloodwork (all of which have been clear so far!)

     However, after watching this video for a college class I took and almost immediately following that, the untimely death of Steve Jobs (who, as most people now know, had pancreatic cancer) I had a more profound thought. Why can't we make November be as purple, as October is pink?  November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and purple is the color for pancreatic cancer awareness (as well as numerous other things, check it out.)

     I'm hoping to spread awareness about Pancreatic Cancer and ask anyone who happens upon my website, to do the same. I will (if they allow it) be placing fliers, linking to this website, at my college as well as wearing a purple ribbon every day in November (actually, I might even start early and wear one in October!) in hopes that people will ask "what's that for?" Just so I can spread the news.

 Pancreatic Cancer needs more funding,
more awareness and no more diagnoses. 

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